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Builders Top Tips for Putting up Shelves – Watford

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It sometimes seems as though there is a certain age people get to where they just know how to do things. Whether it’s changing a tyres, fixing a plug or making a roast dinner, there are certain skills that everyone over the age of 35 possess that have simply passed you by – and putting up a shelf is certainly on that list. As experienced builders in Watford, we at J Pellow & Son have certainly seen many instances of DIY projects gone awry. So if the idea of even the simplest of home renovation jobs fills you with dread, read on as we help you claw back some grown-up pride.

Step 1:

Before we start hammering nails into walls, we need to make sure we have the correct materials. When it comes to the wood you’ll use you will have to consider two things: what aesthetic result are you going for, and what will the shelf be used for? For example, a TV and stereo system or something light like Steiff bears?

More importantly than the wood used for the shelf itself will be the fixings you use. There are various different types of bracket suitable for variable loads and wall types.

Step 2:

Firstly, you will need to mark off all of the relevant points to use as a reference. Identify where the bottom of the shelf will be, before drawing a horizontal line – though be sure to use a spirit level. You will then need to mark the ends of the shelf on this line, and draw vertical lines for the brackets approximately 100-150mm in from the ends.

Step 3:

Hold the bracket up against the wall in line with the vertical and horizontal lines, with a piece of wood on top where the shelf is going to be. You can then mark the screw holes with a pencil which you will then make with a hammer drill and masonry bit – though be sure to use a tools suitable for the wall.

Step 4:

Finally, insert the plugs and screw in the brackets, before screwing your shelf to the top of the brackets.

Of course, you could always just employ the services of experienced and professional builders. If all of that DIY sounds a bit too much like hard work, get in touch with us by phone or e-mail.

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