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How to Add Value To Your Home

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Home is where the heart is and if you want to improve your home in the knowledge that you are adding value to it, continue reading as we here at J. Pellow & Son explain the various home improvements which are proven to raise the value of your home; perfect should you want to sell in a couple of years!


Extensions are a really effective way of increasing the amount of space, light and room within a house; and it is this which could boost the value of your home. It will transform you living room for the better alongside being a wise investment for when you sell.

However before you opt to have an extension, you have to consider what you want from your home? How do you think you could improve it? There’s no point in placing an extension on your home for the sake of it, and by identifying a need you will appeal to potential buyers further down the line as well we reaping the rewards yourself.

Loft/Basement Conversion

Loft and basement conversions are fantastic for homeowners who already have an extension or who are unable to get planning permission for an extension. They create lots of space without affecting the external appearance of the property which makes it very appealing to many homeowners and buyers alike.

Open Plan Living

Alongside adding space you can also add value to your home by creating space. This can be done by knocking down internal walls and creating an open plan living space. This would improve your home and make it a lot more appealing to prospective buyers.

These are just a few ideas for how you can improve your home and add value to it. For more details on the home improvements we can perform in Watford and surrounding areas or to get a quote please get in touch with J. Pellow & Son ltd today and call us on 01923 661 911.

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