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The Process of Applying for Planning Permission Explained

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Applying for planning permission can seem like a very daunting task. Here at J Pellow & Son we understand how confusing the planning process can appear so here are some things our builders in Watford think you need to know before you get started:

-    Anything from putting up a new fence or satellite dish, loft conversion or house extension can require planning permission so make sure you check whether you need it before you carry out any work
-    Councils will require some basic information from you like the type of building you would like to make alterations to and what the work entails so they can process you application as smoothly as possible
-    Be aware that carrying out work on a historic or listed building can be much more complicated and time consuming
-    Be patient and never start any work until you have obtained all the relevant planning permission.

The Application Process

You apply for planning permission through your local council, you can often fill in an application form online but if not you can pick one up from your local council offices. Once you have filled in the form, you can send it to your relevant council department, making sure you have paid any fees that may be applicable.

Once your planning application has been received it will be assessed to see if you have a valid application, if you do then the determination process will begin. Most minor and small scale applications could be decided within a few weeks with larger projects taking a few months but this all depends on how your council works and how busy they are.

If your planning application is accepted then you can get on with your proposed building work as soon as you like, if for some reason the application is denied you can take it up with senior officers at your council and if you still have no success you can appeal your application. So if you are planning any building work then good luck with the application process and don’t hesitate to get in touch with our expert team of builders to help you with all your building needs whether it’s a house extension, loft conversion or even a new bathroom. Click here to view our contact details.

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