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Home Refurbishment

RenovationPlastering tips

If your looking for plastering tips you’ve come to the right place. Plastering walls is one of the hardest trades to learn – it’s not as easy as it looks. There are certain plastering tips that will help you with plastering walls but here’s the best one of all – get the professionals in to save you money and your arms!

We’ve been plastering walls for years and always finish to the highest standard, leaving a perfectly smooth render perfect for painting. Plastering walls as part of a refurbishment project can breathe life into your property.

Light fitting & Electrics

Light fitting can change the feel of a room, create an atmosphere or make dead space usable. If you’ve got a problem with your electrics you’ll notice buzzing, constantly having to change light bulbs or more serious a burning smell. If you’ re in any doubt your electrics need changing give us a call immediately – we’ll let you know if there’s any danger at no cost. Better safe than sorry!

As qualified electricians we can wire the electrics and do the light fitting as part of a full refurbishment or we can simply replace current electrics or light fittings. Just tell us what light fittings you want and we’ll do the rest. We can also advise what light fittings to go for if you want – we’ve been in the trade for years and have good connections with light fitting suppliers.

2 Year Guarantee

You can be assured that you are going to deal with a quality tradesman with a 2 year guarantee on all the work we carry out

2 Year Guarantee


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